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A couple of production screen captures from the ZoltinaNeomiAD project.

Zoltina screen capture frame 1

The simulation begins at frame 01 with Zolt standing in the zero - 't-pose'. The bulbous mass around her IS the 'angel dress'. The circle within a circle under her right arm is a point light ...

Frame 12 is effectively the half way point through the simulation ...

Zoltina screen capture frame 12

Zoltina screen capture frame 24

The scene is ready to render at frame 24.

One more image from back at frame 01: An 'outline' view of the scene. To keep the dress from 'catching' Zolt's hip and abdomen were scaled down along the X - side to side - axis. By frame 24 the scale is replaced to normal 100% and she stands in her finished pose.

Zolt NeomiHair Zolt NeomiHair 2 Zolt NeomiHair 3 Zolt NeomiHair 4

Zoltina screen capture Outline view


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