Underwater scene setup using Smith Micro's Poser 7 following the 'Submarine' thread at Renderosity.

The scene file includes RuntimeDNA's MicroCosm Macro Round tile - found in Poser, a one sided square primitive used to hold a background image, a normal square primitive used as the water surface, various props including four Poser primitive spheres to mark distances. Interface Display Units are set to Feet.

The GPlane of the Macro LgMap is scaled 58 % with various morphs applied. The primitive used as the back ground is scaled 772 7%, yTranslated -17.24 and zTranslated -80.00.

The spheres start at zTran 0, -25, -50 and -75. The water 'surface' is scaled 10,000 %, yTranslated 20 & zTranslated 17.123.

Main Camera settings: DollyZ 1.720, DollyY 3.400, DollyZ 0;
z,x,yOrbit 0, -1, 0.

Two lights are used in the scene. The Infinite, no shadows, contains and casts the caustic effects. Light2 is a Spot, Depth map shadows, xRotated -74, yRotated 133 and x,y,zTranslated 0, 71.718, -46.89.

Depth cue is added to the scene Atmosphere:

StartDist 0, EndDist 120.


The water surface material is borrowed from, as near as I can tell, DrMCClark. It is one of a few I have in my collection, created or copied after reading Renderosity threads. This ZIP file contains the mz5 file.

UwTest1: Light1 - Cellular node:


UwTest1Cellular.jpg; 640x640 pels, 179 KB

UwTest2x16z12.jpg; 640x640 pels, 145 KB


Pretty much the same Cellular material node set up.
Cellular parameters changed to Scalex 16, Scalez 12.

UwTest3: Light1 - Caustics image map node:


UwTest3Caustic2.jpg; 640x640 pels, 133 KB
The graphic file used in this material is here

Caustics Generator generated graphic

UwTest5CGen1_002.jpg; 640x640 pels, 68.1 KB
The material graphic is here


UwTest4 variation:

Light Intensity slightly changed,
U & V Scale and Texture_Strength modified.

UwTest6CGen1_002v.jpg; 640x640 pels, 144 KB


water surface material file 15.4 KB
Caustics2.png; 256x256 pels, 36.6 KB
CGen1_002.jpg; 1024x1024 pels, 269 KB

Dual Heights Caustic Generator -- free version available.

Seven Poser 7 light sets - includes the sets used in testing. These sets depend on either Caustics2.png OR CGen1_002.jpg being in the user's Runtime (texture folder). Hopefully the path statements within the light.ltz don't cause problems. I use 'Deep File Search' in Poser 7's General Preferences, and rarely have path statement issues.

Light Test 4

UwTest4.jpg; 640x640 pels, 101 KB


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