Experimenting with a set of nodes following a thread at Renderosity to give a magnifying glass refractive qualities.

Using Poser 7 Display Units in Feet, Puckish Gosha is standing in the center of the studio - Hip at zTran 0.

The magnifying glass is located at zTran 0.143 with the Refract node 'Index_of_Refraction' value set at 1.4

The camera is located at DollyZ -6.500 with (default) focal length of 38mm.

Gosha stands in the same position (zTran 0) with his arm extended towards the camera. The same Index of Refraction is used, but the magnifying glass is now located at zTran 0.281.

Same figure position and pose, with the Index_of_Refraction increased to 2.

For this test, Koit agreed to give us a hand, and the distance between Gosha and the magnifying glass is increased:

Gosha is standing at zTran -6, and Koit is holding the magnifying glass at zTran -0.980.

The Index_of_Refraction used is 1.1.

Things get interesting when we increase the Index_of_Refraction value to 1.8. The glass now has a flipping and mirroring effect.

The material used for the magnifying glass can be found in this Renderosity Poser Forum thread. The MAT file maybe downloaded here: IOR.zip (17.4 KB).

Smay's Gosha, Handspan Studio's Puckish For Gosha and Nursoda's Koit are available in the Renderosity Market Place. The Magnifying Glass is either an early DAZ3D or even Zygote prop.

The magnifying lens subject continues, and explores chromatic aberration in this more recent Renderosity thread.


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