Bagpipes figure prop

Hiro, hair and clothes are NOT included with the bagpipes
Bagpipes.zip; 906 KB
A test animation is hanging here (Windows Media; 146 KB).

This set of pipes was modeled in trueSpace 4.1 as long ago as August, 2001. They were imported into Poser to use in a short Ranimation, and worked well enough, but were never truely 'Poserized'. I re-discovered the prop while backing up old data and wanted to see if I could make a workable Poser figure prop.

The figure itself includes the bag, blowpipe and canter, and three drone pipes. The drone cords are included as parented props. Three torus objects serve as cord wraps, and four cylinder ojects used for the lengths of cord. The bass drone wrap acts as an anchor for the trail and bass-to-tenor 1 cord. The bass drone-to-tenor 1 cord is set to 'Point At' the tenor 1 wrap. The tenor 1-to-tenor 2 cord acts much the same way, parented to the tenor 1 wrap and pointing at the tenor 2 wrap. A second trail cord hangs from the tenor 2 wrap.

The drone cords won't drape properly, but they can be yScaled to make them fit between the drone pipes. The model includes four material groups; BladderBag, Wood, CapEnds and Ivory. Procedural shaders were used requiring no texture maps.


piobanPoses This set includes four pairs of poses for DAZ Hiro 3 and the bagpipes.

They're designed to work by applying the first !poses to both figures (Hiro and then the pipes), and then parenting the bagpipes (Figure, Set Figure Parent...) to Hiro's chest.



Also included are nine finger (partial pose) pose files for Hiro 3, Low G through High A.

finger pose
Canter 'D' note

You may download Bagpipes.zip (906 KB) here.

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