Festival Days Prop

CNE.zip; 3.87 MB

The Festival Days Calendar prop is actually three models created using Poser 6. An axis prop parented to a ring, the festival days parented to the center and sun. Each componant was loaded into the Poser studio, animated and saved as a Poser scene (pz3). The scene file was then renamed with a prop (.pp2) extention. As a result, when the prop is loaded into the Poser studio, camera positions and lights will be modified and the prop will be fully animated - just as if a scene file were opened.

Feel free to save the prop elements back to your Poser library if you wish to avoid camera and light changes in your scene.

The prop was used to make the table graphic for the ongoing RanQuist Wheel of the Year project. You may download CNE.zip (3.87 MB) here.

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