Briah, Tree of Life prop

Briah.zip; 695 KB

Briah is one of my earliest models. I've written versions of the object for Rend 386 and Persistance of Vision and this trueSpace 1.0 version has been re-visited a number of times. It's a very simple model but a good deal of work has gone in to assigning material groups using the Poser 6 Group Editor.

This version of the model includes 36 separate material zones - each of the 22 paths and each of 10 Sephirah are assigned a material group. The Malkuth Sephirot is assigned three groups (two yellow, green and black). The archive contains two material poses, default and a version featuring Mec4D's Sub-Surface Scattering, and a pose file for the Poser 6 Rattler

A preview of the prop may be found here. You may download Briah.zip (695 KB) here.

For information about the Tree of Life (Kabbalah), there is an article at Wikipedia.org.

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