BedTree prop

BedTree.zip; 821 KB

BedTree was built in trueSpace 5.2 and consists of a tree prop, frame and netting, the rigging - tying the bed to the tree - and a creeper vine. The elements were saved to a single prop using Poser 6, maintaining the separate group elements. The Group Editor was used to assign separate material groups to the prop.

Examples of the fully textured prop may be found in the RanQuist Bower BedTree project gallery. The leaves and textures used in the gallery images are borrowed from comercial packages and ARE NOT INCLUDED in the archive. You may download Bedtree.zip (821 KB) here.

A pose set for DAZ Aiko 3 to go along with the BedTree prop is hanging here: BedTreePoses1.zip; 69.5.0 KB

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