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TheGame.wmv; 640x480 pels, 12.3 MB
TheGame.wmv; NTSC Square Pixel: 640x480 pels, 12.3 MB

The Game (a.k.a. Zoltina 6) became the longest project ever undertaken by Ranflic Productions. Twenty one Poser 4 ProPack files were generated over a five month period (February 2003 - June 2003). Ten still images were used in video fades and transitions. A number of BVH files were employed but much of the work was keyframed, frame by frame. The opening segments feature SnowSultan's Globall -- a prop with no less than 14 lights attached to it. The second segment was rendered first and took my Pentium 4 computer 28 hours to render 3 seconds (90 Frames) of video. I'd no idea what I'd gotten into ...

The original 2003 RanQuist Animation is here re-compressed for the Web using Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker

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