RanQuist Animation


Parent2.wmv; NTSC Square Pixel: 640x480 pels, 0.97 MB
Parent2.wmv; 640x480 pels, 0.97 MB


A re-make of an earlier test using Ockham's 'Point At' solution. The hierarchy works as follows: ClothPlane_1 (RanQuist.net banner) and left Bee (Figure 1) are parented to ball_1, the right Bee (Figure 2) and ball_3 are parented to ball_2. The banner is then set to 'Point At' ball_3 (goal). Keyframes were added to animate the (non-visible) control props (balls 1-3), translating them slightly to give the banner slack and to make the bees move up and down a bit. Additional key frames cause their little wings to flutter. To make the balls invisible, 'Visible' was unchecked at the Parameter Properties for the three objects.

Compression and end credits added using Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker.

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