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DragonTale.wmv; 640x480 pels, 8.61 MB
DragonTale.wmv; NTSC Square Pixel: 640x480 pels, 8.61 MB


First epic rq animation. Fourteen separate animations were rendered using Poser 4 ProPack, five WAV recordings made for the (over-dub) narration and over a dozen still images used. The video resources measured 1.36 GB, and sound files an additional 5.59 MB. The resources were added to the sound track and assembled using MGI's Video Wave III into a single Video for Windows (AVI) file. No Man is an Island, Invaders of the Heart Rising Above Bedlam 1991 is used without permission.

The original 2001 Ranflic Animation is here re-compressed for the Web using Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker.

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