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Dancer85.wmv; 640x480 pels, 1.58 MB
Dancer; NTSC Square Pixel: 640x480 pels, 1.58 MB


Dancer was completed in January, 2001. A series of 101 images was generated using MetaCreation's Poser 4. The P4 woman (Posette) dances in an otherwise empty Poser studio. These images were loaded into trueSpace 4.3, and using the NURBs Curve drawing tool, traced to create 101 separate dancer objects. A scene with animated cameras was created in trueSpace and each dancer object, loaded in turn, was raytraced to create the animation frames. Original music for the project was created by Wayne MacPherson. The animation was assembled using Asymetric's Digital Video Producer 4 and compressed to Video for Windows using VideoWave III.

The Video for Windows file is here converted to Windows Media Video using Windows Movie Maker.

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