Trudii & the Tiger -- Poser 7 -- RanQuist Graphics 2013 Return to Delila's Den Graphics

Infinite Depth map shadows, Diffuse IBL - OlivierIBL - w/AO, Infinite Depth map shadows; Rb1 Ir70 Ps3 Msr07 Pfs1box

Trudii: DAZ Victoria2, Byron Taylor's Shelly, StefyZZ's Yuma EyesBlue, DAZ UpDo hair, Tuesday's Rogue Air, AwFuL SouL's Body Strings, B-pant & Yili Boots, Malis & Lourdes Valkyrie, Smith Micro Tiger, Poser (Judith & Traveler) MicroCosm, RuntimeDNA Shrubs & Winter Trees, Poser 7 (RuntimeDNA) Forest, Brainstew's Grassprop, Ajax's Shaderpak1 grass texture