The Buff -- Poser 6 -- RanQuist Graphics 2009

Spot Depth map shadows, Diffuse IBL ns/nm, Spot Depth map shadows, Spot Depth map shadows; Raytrace bounces 1, Pixel samples 4

AO figure nodes per Face Off

DAZ Victoria2, 3Dream's Ana, Elizabeth Ippolito's WonderWedge Hair, AwFuL SouL's Bsash, PoserWorld's Pirate Pants, DAZ Lyre; DAZ Young Teen Laura, FK Design's Kiri Te Hair, DeeDee's Casual Summer Top & Necklace, Secrethear, Luthbel's Wood Elves Pants, Belt & Bracers, Mada's Marzipan Sandals, Princess Work's Woodland Bow, DAZ Archery Pack Quiver, CP Spider webs, Ilugue and Venerella's Stairway to Heaven Basa, RuntimeDNA Dead Grass, Winter Trees texture, DAZ MilDragon Hoard skull, Poser6 (Judith & Traveler) MicroCosm, Lupadgd's Trees-12, Ajax Shader Pak1

Post Render editing in Paint Shop Pro 9.01, OptikVerve Lab's Virtual Photographer