"Are you are telling me instead of being flat, that world is round, and instead of the sun, the moon, the planets and all of the stars going round it, it and all the rest go around the sun?"

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Spot Ray Trace shadows, IBL - Olivier - w/AO, 2 Spots Depth map shadows; Rb4 Ir70 Ps6 Msr07 Pfs1box

DAZ Victoria 2, Byron Taylor's Shelly, StefyZZ's Yuma EyesBlue, DAZ UpDo hair, Tuesday's Rogue Air, AwFuL SouL's Body Strings, B-pant & Yili Boots, Malis & Lourdes Valkyrie, Dave 71's VersaCloak, Kristyn's Kara (dark elf), Kozaburo's Messy Hair, DAZ Viking Boots, StefyZZ's Yuma, WAM's Neomi Hair, DAZ Young Teen, 3Dream's Ana, FK Design's Kiri Te Hair, DeeDee's Casual Summer Top & Necklace, Secrethear, Luthbel's Wood Elves Pants, Belt & Bracers, Mada's Marzipan Sandals, Princess Work's Woodland Bow, DAZ Archery Pack Quiver, Andrew Budleigh's Orrery, BagginsBill's Envirosphere